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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 8, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EST

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that does it for me. you know who i am. i am your friend, greg. i will do anything for you. >> shannon: republican presidential hopefuls take aim at president obama over israel and iran. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> shannon: good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. almost all the presidential candidates were in one place today but it wasn't to debate each other. they instead targeted president obama and his middle east policy. in a speech, group of speeches to jewish republicans. chief political correspondent carl cameron shows us what they said. >> at the republican jewish coalition conference in d.c., g.o.p. presidential hopefuls accused president obama of throwing israel under the bus and appeasing itseed adversarie.
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>> internationally, president obama adopted an appeasement strategy. >> israel shares a commitment to the core principles of personal freedom. yet, president obama systemically unde undermines tht relationship with israel. >> there is one side of continuing pressure saying it's always israel fault no matter how bad the other side is has to stop. >> reporter: with gingrich leading the polls, romney in an interview with fox news began the attack. >> speaker gingrich said we ought to get rid of the child labor laws. that is a mistake. he indicated for people who have been here for certain length of time we should let them stay in the country with form of amnesty. that is a mistake. the list will go on and on as we get a clear indication of where the speaker stands. >> he dismissed and scoffed at the gingrich pledge to not run attack ads. >> we'll describe differences between myself and others. i understand how some folks
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might not want to go negative because they don't want to have gone negative upon. >> reporter: tied with romney for second in several polls, texas congressman ron paul was not invited to the pro-israel event because in part he wants to slash aid to the jewish state. in an interrue with fox, rick perry refused to criticize romney or gingrich on issues, instead ripping the business regard for romney or gingrich for years of government. >> if you are part of washington, still are, you are part of the problem. >> reporter: he made overt appeal to evangelical christians who have doubts about romney and gingrich. >> if evangelical in iowa is looking for somebody they know every day that the president's faith is going the guide them and the values, i ask people to you know, which one of those ten commandments do you not like? that is how i try to live my life. >> before the republican jewish conference this morning, gingrich met privately at a rosalyn, virginia, hotel with a group of influential old school d.c.
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conservatives who have been looking for an alternative to romney. insiders say gingrich got grilled about the transgressions involving public policy and personal matters. after all of his answers he got a standing ovation. shannon? >> shannon: all right. carl cameron with the latest. thank you, carl. much debate in washington about a controversial project to move oil to candidate to the gulf shore. he met with the prime minister in the oval office to talk it over. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler tells us is any progress was made. >> president obama and harper announced the new border security deal aimed to stretchline the $1.5 billion a day of flow of goods. the delay of the keystone oil project topped the reporters questions. he rejected moving forward the price for extending the payroll tax cut. >> i effort to tie keystone to the payroll tax cut i will reject.
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everybody should be on notice. >> the president put off the approval of the pipeline until after the election. while experts are looking for route around nebraska sensitive sand hills region. the republicans see politics in the delay. >> the politics is delaying it past election so the president doesn't have to choose between two friends. labor, the folks that will build this. or environmentalists fighting to kill the pipeline. >> congressmaner the sir wants to begin construction before nebraska road is finalized, a proposal likely to be rejected by the democratic controlled senate. obama talked to disappointed harper days after announcing the delay last month. harper called the project a no-brainer. i would reduce america's dependence on oil and the construction would create thousands of jobs. the kind of stimulus project obama ought to approve suggests mitch mcconnell. >> here is the single greatest
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shovel-ready project in america ready to go. for some reason he is not interested. >> polls suggest strong public support for the pipeline. mcconnell and house speaker john boehner expressed hope the canadian prime minister would change the president's mind today but it appeared that mr. harper didn't try. >> i would not comment on domestic politics of this issue or any other issue in the united states. >> the president said key-tone the a big -- keystone is a big project with big consequences. republicans say one consequence of delay could give china access to canadian oil. at the white house, wendell goler, fox news. >> shannon: in regulation nation this evening, another effort to make america less dependent on foreign oil is on hold tonight for one major supplier. correspondent dan springer looks at why a wealth of fuel is not making its way to a gasoline station near you. >> reporter: shell oil
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company was planning a big announcement this week about america energy future and would move ahead with plans to tap estimated 27 billion-barrels of oil in the arctic ocean. but five years and $4 billion in the process of clearing all the hurdles, shell still doesn't have all the permits it needs or clear road map for getting them. >> we are not disputing the high standards we're asked to work with. what is concerning to us is the fact there is not real certainty on how the processes will be met. >> the environmental protection agency has come under fire from the conservatives for rejecting the shell air permit. despite the fact the closest village to any drilling is 70 miles away and has 245 people. the agency appeals board is made up of registered democrat and includes a former activis activist. every justice has a second challenge in front of the appeals board. alaska lone congressman is
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irate. >> the state has a right under the constitution to develop a resource and right to deliver the resources. i would like to tell them to tell the epa and appeals court to suck an egg. >> epa is not the only one holding up the big drilling. shell still needs approval from alphabet soup of federal agencies. bureau of ocean, energy management regulation and enforcement. the national marine fishery service, army corps of engineers, fish and wildlife service and the coast guard. alaska native says it's still not enough regulation. >> mother, brother, father, fishermen have lost everything. i feel sorry for them. we have been living like this for thousands of years. >> after a lengthy review following the b.p. spill, president obama signaled his support for oil exploration in the arctic. but environmental groups are undeterred. every permit that they need to
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drill is in court being challenged or soon will be. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: senior leader says the european leaders may not agree on a plan to address debt until christmas. tim geithner said he is encouraged with the progress that europe is making to shore up the euro. he met today with nicolas sarkozy, french president, in paris. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 46. the s&p 500 added 2.5. nasdaq gave back a third of a point. we are closing in on a congressional budget item. revised plan to extend the payroll tax cut that wendell goler spoke of a moment ago. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports on the effort on both sides of aisle to get something done. >> house republican leaders are trying to find the legislative sweet spot to gain conservative support to extend the payroll tax holiday. >> speaker boehner acknowledged there is apprehension. >> concern about the payroll tax cut is this. we are taking money out of the social security trust fund.
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we have a trust fund that we all know is going broke. >> democrats responded producing this letter from the social security chief action ware which says a one-year extension would have a negligible effect. senate majority leader harry reid said there would be no extension beyond 2012 due to concerns about social security. many rank and file republicans believe the tax holiday hasn't helped stimulate the economy. still, the g.o.p. leaders are anxious to strip away the primary argument that president obama uses against them. today, president obama issued this warning. >> if the payroll tax cut is attached to a bunch of extraneous issues not something i'll accept. >> after a morning visit to the white house, senate democrats said the president told lawmakers he will delay his christmas vacation until the payroll holiday is extended. with the year almost over, a key republican is focused on
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reforming the budget process, including tighter spending cap and line item veto. >> washington stumbles from budget crisis to budget cry wis with little to no oversight on how they spend the taxpayer dollars. >> regarding the president's warning aides to the speaker says they are working on a bill to stop tax hike for reform unemployment insurance and to create jobs. the suggestion is if mr. obama wants to threaten a veto that is a fight that republicans welcome. on capitol hill, mike emanuel fox news. >> a school principal takes heat for turning it off against his students. that's later in the grapevine. up next, home grown terrorists
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>> shannon: in world headlines the senior u.s. official tells fox news the administration considered plans to retreat or destroy the remains of an unmanned drone that went down in iran last week. the officials said discussions centered on using either a special operations team or an
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airstrike. afghanistan's president is vowing to confront pakistan's government over a suicide bombing against shiite muslims tuesday in kabul. 56 people were killed including one american. funeral started today. also today a mini bus struck a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan. 19 civilians were killed. back in this country, the problem of homegrown terrorists targeting military installation was the subject of an unprecedented meeting on capitol hill. catherine herridge has the story. >> since 9/11 there have been targets on the u.s. military. >> american service members and their families are increasingly in the terrorist scope. >> the committee were told islamic extremists say they see it as fair game, that a
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false narrative that the u.s. is at war with the religion. >> are there cases involving perspective jihaddists? >> i welcome the opportunity to answer it in closed session. >> lawmakers clash over semantics. >> focusing on followers that want a religion as the only credittal threat to the nation security is inaccurate. our military is open to all phases. >> we should be able to identify the enemy and the violent radical islamist extremism. >> senior republican cited this letter to show how the defense department deals with the threats. >> dealing with the threat of violence islamist extremism in the contest of the broader threat of workplace violence. >> defense department witnesses responded. >> the primary threat comes from al-qaeda. >> attack by a lone gunman killed private william long. long's father said the honor betrayed his family.
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>> they wore these when he took four rounds of 7.62 ammo from three feet. on it, there is a warrior ethos. the last line of it is i will never leave a fallen comrade. the army left him. >> i understand there was a terror scare that had the officials here ramping up security. what can you tell us about that? >> we had a confirmation that package bomb at the deutsche bank headquarter was addressed to the deutsche bank ceo. we had a state fire department the f.b.i. saying the jtf, the joint terrorism task force was investigating with german authorities but at this time there was no threat specifically associated with new york. shannon? >> shannon: catherine herridge live on capitol hill. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shannon: attorney general eric holder will face tough questioning tomorrow about operation fast and furious.
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he will appear before the house judiciary committee. so far, holder and other officials haven't had much to say. >> he has lost my confidence. >> charles grassley today called for lanny brewer chief of the justice department criminal division to resign. for allegedly failing to help run guns to mexico and misleading congress about a leader he claimed not have seen. >> i cannot say for sure whether i saw a draft of the letter. >> critics find it implausible. that so many top officials had so little knowledge of large long running operation to violate u.s. and international law. >> i did not know of fast and furious. >> he was not aware of what was happening in fast and furious.
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certainly, i was not. >> from the president and attorney general and chief of staff. >> i did not read that weekly report. >> to the state department, we have no record of any kind of notice or heads up. homeland security. >> i did not know about the fast and furious. >> even the atf. >> fast and furious was just another operation. >> no one was aware that guns were walking. >> senior most people saying they didn't know about it. but memo after memo that >> underlings telling them what is going on. >> the department of justice responded saying that brewer admits mistakes and won't step down. tomorrow they will say that the office did not know about the tactic of fast and furious and mistakes that were made should not be in his words turned in a political slide show or media opportunity.
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>> big day tomorrow on hill. thank you very much. military says the government agents did a lot to smuggle one of the sons in the country. he is living in the african nation of niger. a leader says russians deserve a new election. expresident mikhail gorbachev says they should throw out result of sunday disputing balloting. thousands took to the street monday and tuesday or allegation of fraud. >> looking ahead to the 2008 presidential election. up next, a rarely seen glimpse at a day that lives in infamy.
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and i think i probably have a better car than you. but isn't that the guy mentality, the ego, the macho?
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>> shannon: former illinois governor rod blagojevich sentenced to 14 years in prison. he was convicted of 18 corruption charges including trying to auction off president obama old senate seat. blagojevich learned his fate this afternoon in chicago. >> this is a time for he to be strong and my children. be strong for patty. this is a time for patty and me to get home to eble plain to our kids, amy and annie, what happened, what it means and where we are going from here. we'll keep fighting through this adversity. >> shannon: the man at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal is in jail tonight. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was taken in custody today. he was unable to post $250,000 cash bond. he has been named by two additional accusers on top of facing 40 criminal accounts. sandusky's lawyer says his client is innocent.
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federal regulators issued a second set of violation against b.p. for activities related to last year's gulf oil spill. one alleged b.p. failed to suspend drilling operation when safety protocols were not met. 11 rig workers were killed in the explosion that started the spill. 70 years ago today, december 7, 1941, was indeed a date that lived in infamy. that characterization from president franklin roosevelt came as the japanese bombing of pearl harbor began a deadly chapter in history. phil keating has rare video evidence of that terrible day. >> this is a big piece of history. a lot of it has been disposed of, passed on, neglected. even thrown away. >> no one truly knows how many people have seen this extremely rare footage of the attack on pearl harbor. the thick black smoke rising from the u.s. battleship and destroyers, the boats racing to rescue sailors and the explosion of enormous fire balls all captured in the ongoing chaos by navy war
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photographer clyde daughtry. almost immediately the government classified his footage. once december classified 41 years later, only six minutes of his film remained. until a recent discovery when these five minutes of film which disappeared decades ago suddenly came to light. >> yeah. pretty excited. we have didn't noah was on them until we had a chance to view it. pretty good for the day. >> they bought the reel that was stored in a storage shed in someone's backyard and stacked in the garage. for decades, the frames showing the u.s. naval cannons firing back at the incoming japanese warplanes all but forgotten. >> the more i look, the more excited i got. this was pretty much bottom of the chest. we feel this is probably the best part of the whole find. >> the five minutes of film is silent and so fragile, they
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suspect another run through the projector might destroy it. the film has been duplicated digitally so the historic treasure of this day of infamy with the stars and stripes billowing in the burning sky won't be long forgotten again. daughtry official footage of the attack is at the national archives in d.c. how and why the 70-year-old lost film clip ended up in a florida storage shed remains a mystery. daughtry died in 1985. in miami, phil keating, fox news. >> shannon: the obama administration will begin testing a new credit card agreement that is supposed to be easier to understand. the prototype will be used by the pentagon federal credit union. the white house reports two-third of credit card users say they the not completely understand how their cards work. why would a school principal turn off the heat on one of the coldest days of the year? the answer is next in grapevine. having a lot of faith when it comes to republican
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>> shannon: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a principal at the british school is feeling the metaphor heat after turning off the actual heat on day temperatures sank to just above freezing. why did he do it? he says to save the planet. a teacher told the sun newspaper it was beyond stupid adding i've never worked in such cold. i'm for saving the planet but this is barbaric.
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he said we cut heat to see if we could lower our carbon foot print. he let students wear as many jumpers a they liked. the republican candidates are getting meanstream attention. abc, cbs and nbc mention the faith of g.o.p. candidates seven times more than ten months of 2011 than in the first ten months of 2007. people for ethical treatment of animals say jay carney took a question about bestiality too slightly. he was asked about event authorization bill to repeal the ban on the practice. "does the commander in chief approve or disapprove of bestiality in our armed forces." carney did not asked when asked again and said let's get to something more serious. peta wrote we were upset to note you flip pantly addressed
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the recently approved repeal of the military ban on bestiality. with respect, this is no laug laughing matter. and oops after the president of mexico floundered for three minutes when asked about three books that influenced him. he was able to only say one. saying he read part of the bible. something that may have happened in the 2008 contest is still not settled. senior correspondent eric shawn looks in whether president obama was legally qualified to be on one state's primary ballot. >> in indiana, campaign are collecting signatures to put candidates on the 2012 presidential primary ballot. but they are doing so as the authorities in st. joseph county investigate alleged fraud in the 2008 democratic primary petition. >> is that your signature? >> that is not. >> did you sign the petition
4:33 am
for obama? >> no. >> charity was stunned to see her name on obama petition. robert was, too. >> i did not sign for barack obama. >> some one forged this this >> correct. that is not my signature. >> the alleged fakes raise question of whether the obama campaign filed the necessary number of signature, 500 from the county to get on the state primary ballot. 534 certified signatures were never challenged. county democratic chairman butch morgan resigned under party pressure and his lawyer says he did nothing wrong. >> there were many of us advised against resignation that -- resignation knowing that butch would never participate in anything illegal. >> it's going through the voter registration board in south bend, indiana. the handwriting of voter registration deputy and democratic volunteer dustin blight reportedly matches writing on some of the suspect obama petition.
4:34 am
according to handwriting analyst and political newsletter. >> did you forge signatures or fake petitions at all? >> the lawyer said he did nothing wrong and any handwriting comparisons are meaningless. >> it's not the same as dna. not the same as fingerprints. >> charles white says it should be put on line. >> we should maintain choice for all voters republican and democrats in the primary and we make sure that the voters continue to trust the system and the vote still counts. >> he faces his own voter fraud charges for registering to vote from his ex-wife's house and denies any wrongdoing. state senator brodin says the petitioning will be closely watched. >> maybe we need to institute
4:35 am
changes in state law where we require those who are gathering signatures to sign some sort of attestation they at least will vouch for the fact that they believe the signatures are true and accurate. voters like charity feel violated. >> it's scary. a lot of people have already lost faith in politics and the whole realm of politics. this solidifies our worries and concern. >> the campaign have until the end of january to file presidential petition for 2012. those here say every effort is now being made toing may sure the legitimate number of legal signatures will be collected the right way. >> health and human sasts secretary kathleen sebelius stopped people stopping the plans to make morning after
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internationally, president obama adopted an apasement strategy. appeasement betrays a lack of faith in america, in american strength and in america's future. like others among the washington elite, he believes that america's role as the leader of the world is a thing of the past. >> israel shares a commitment to our core principles of personal freedom. yet, president obama systemically undermines that relationship with israel.
4:40 am
>> this one-sided continuing pressure that says it's always israel's fault no matter how bad the other side has to stop. >> shannon: all right. almost all the 2012 g.o.p. contenders spoke today at the republican jewish coalition and gave them a break from attacking each other because they spent the whole time going after president obama. bring in the panel to talk about that. charles lane, editorial writer for "washington post." nina easton for fortune magazine. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome to you all. charles, what do you make of this today? it gave them a chance to stop attacking each other and focus on a target they want to go head-to-head with. >> there has been a contest with the republican contest to seen as being most proisrael. that is a double edge thing because there is a lot of evangelical voters in iowa proisrael and jewish republicans. the republicans hope jewish
4:41 am
voters are more in play due to controversy over the israel policy but jews are not single-issue voters and overwhelmingly democratic for things other than just israel. >> shannon: nina do you think they are up for grabs? >> they are to some extent. keep in mind, this issue today is a friendly crowd for the candidates. important to remember that the jewish vote is a tiny percent of the republican vote. 78% of jewish voters supported obama in 2008. there is softening of support fairly dramatically. particularly over israel. especially over the economy. the support dropped 78% down to 45%. which is higher than the average american. but still pretty big drop. the other thing is if you look
4:42 am
at israel and relations with israel, majority of jewish voters thought he was doing well on that in 2009. now a majority of jewish voters don't think so. a bad news for the republicans, though, most of those voters even though they could be swing states, peeled off 10% to tip the swing votes, swing states the problem is most of those voters support independents, not republicans. uphill battle for republican candidates to get those vote voters. they are up for a grabs and way to go. >> shannon: this is a friendly audience. they want to hear in the candidates. they had great applause lines when it came to appealing for the audience. texas governor rick perry in the responses i saw watching the speeches when he went after defense secretary leon panetta and his recent statements and suggestions toward israel. >> a statement made over the weekend, approved every word of it by the white house. a very strong attack on
4:43 am
israel. blaming essentially for absence of peace process. he said that israel has to "get itself to the damn table." meaning, negotiating table. this is egregious. this is blaming the victim. the government has accepted a palestinian state. it agreed to unprecedented 17, 10-month moratorium on settlement construction. in fact, the palestinian president waited nine of those months and he attend and walked out and he hasn't returned. the israelis have been ready for unconditional negotiatio negotiations. abbas, the president of the palestinians put up all kind of conditions and refused to go to the table. said openly in an interview with the "washington post" a few years ago he wouldn't lift a finger or make concessions whatsoever to israel because
4:44 am
obama, of the united states, will deliver israel. for the secretary of defense to say the process is dead is egreous is or wellian and it tells you about the hostility of this administration, which the israelis are feeling. i will add one word on demographics. everybody imagines, thinks israel and jews. 9 #% of proisrael americans are gentile. it's a very strong an important issue among the evangelical christians and the association only with jews is missing a very large story here. >> shannon: another hot topic today relating to israel is what is going on with iran nuclear program. another candidate, congresswoman michele bachmann brought that up today. >> we must never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. we must realize this is every bit as much a threat to us in
4:45 am
the united states as it is to israel. we must not, we cannot, we absolutely can't every allow the outsourcing of the united states national security, certainly not israel national security to the united nations. >> shannon: how vulnerable to you think the administration is? >> i think this administration has some things to offer voters, capture of usama bin laden being key. on the question of iran, this isn't a white house that came in thinking you could engage the regime. took a year to find out that wasn't the case. can be criticized for not supporting protesters when they came out on the street and providing the oomph that could have created arab spring on street of iran. >> shannon: is there any light between the g.o.p. candidate, any major difference? today, mitt romney wanted to suggest the only difference he could see is he had more
4:46 am
experience dealing with important things. with the foreign policy issue is there a split in the field? >> ron paul wasn't even at this event because he wasn't invited. you could fairly say ron paul doesn't want anything to do with israel or any other foreign country than free trade. he is a libertarian isolationists. off to one side. jon huntsman was there and sounded tough on iran has had a doveish note on afghanistan. basically, i think they have seized on the iran piece because as nina points of the it's a vulnerability for president. he has a difficult position of proving a negative and make sure they don't have one. every day that goes by it's still possibly they do. >> shannon: you mention the ron paul, of course, the only one not invited to the forum today. for reasons that you mentioned. very obvious. stick around, we have another topic coming. please join us for the next fox news debate, it happens thursday night december 15.
4:47 am
9:00 eastern from sioux city, iowa. you will be able to get instant analysis and participate in a live chat with fox news contributors at next up, president obama andcaed theyian prime minister harper on the keystone
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it is my job as the president of the united states to make sure that a process is followed that examines all the options, looks at all the consequences before a decision is made. that process is moving forward at the state department. making sure that it crosses all the "t"s and dots all the "i"s before making a final determination. >> all the rhetoric and hot
4:51 am
hair from washington, d.c. about wanting to create jobs, this is putting it to the test. this is where you have to put up or shut up when it comes to whether or not you are serious about creating jobs in this country. >> shannon: talking about the keystone xl pipeline to bring fuel from candid da through the u.s. to the gulf coast region. a lot of folks thinking it would create jobs but the president is not going to make a decision until after 2013. some point in 2013. talk about it with the panel. charles, nina and charles. charles k., start with you. what do you make of this? of course it puts the president between two difficult constituencies. today inen odd position with the canadian prime minister. >> the canadian prime minister was extremely soft spoken. he spoke like a friend. he didn't criticize the president. that is because cre yadeians are nice -- canadians are nice. i know. that the mounties, the beavers, the loanies but the canadians are not stupid. the foreign minister who was
4:52 am
here today said if you have a story store, you won't have a lot of customers. meaning that if the united states is not going to accept a gift, secure source of oil from a friendly ally and a strategic asset, which will create a lot of jobs, they will build it west and china will have access to it. they are serious about that. they are deeply upset about what was purely a political decision on the part of obama. this idea he had a process and dot "i"s and cross "t" says rubbish. the pipeline was the most studied pipeline in the history of american pipelines. a three-year study by the state department. which found in two large reports no serious damage or danger of it. obama overrode that. why?
4:53 am
simply because he didn't want to anger his base. so he punted it to 2013. i can assure you that the canadians are not happy about that. we could in the end forfeit a huge source of jobs, energy, security and a really important strategic asset as a result. >> shannon: something the president said today he warned republicans and those on capitol hill who would try to tie forcing the xl pipeline to extension of the payroll tax cut. he will veto anything that comes along the lines. tough language. >> i want to follow up on charles' point about the canadians being polite. i was at the asian pacific economic ministers conference in hawaii a month ago and prime minister harper was not so polite. he met with the chinese president and made it clear to obama guess what? we are going to take that oil to the asian markets. he made it very clear. that is a really smart issue for republicans to latch on
4:54 am
to. smart to tie it to the payroll tax. you've got -- you are giving up potential of 20,000 blue collar jobs. or what i call the 1% jobs. we are going to spend another year after we said it will have no environmental significant impact on the environment to spend another year paying white collar workers to do more legal stuff at the expense of the 20,000 blue collar jobs we need now. >> shannon: for the threat from the president we got a response to from the house speaker john boehner's office through the spokesman saying we working on a bill to stop a tax hike, protect social security, unemployment and create jobs. if president obama is going to veto it over a provision for american jobs that is a fight we're ready to have. how do you see it playing out? >> i agree that the republicans found a way to counter the advantage that the president was building on the payroll tax.
4:55 am
namely, tying it to this keystone pipeline which we had a poll showing it's broadly popular of those who have heard of it. i guess the president is in the unvable situation caught between the labor and environment. to echo something that charles said the first getting hit in that is canada. this is the second issue on which the president has cross sords with our friendly neighbors to the north. the other is buy american provision in stimulus. all of that annoyed canada because they were going to sell things to the u.s. under the free trade agreement. so i mean we talk about israel at the beginning. believe it or not, we have opened a little bit of a breach in our relations with canada. >> when obama was candidate and said we need to look at nafta, that didn't go over as well. >> shannon: how awkward was the meeting was before closed
4:56 am
doors? >> knowing how polite canadians are, it probably wasn't awkward. but obama has a talent to alienate and i jury the friends, ally, canada, israel, british and appeasing the enemies. a pattern the republicans should seize and run on. >> shannon: thank you very much. that is it for the panel. but stay tuned for a never before seen political
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> shannon: finally tonight, he continues to surge in the polls. some aren't quite sure about newt gingrich's message. >> i'm surprised that newt is doing so well because, if you have seen him, his campaign ads, his message, it isn't very positive. ♪ >> the america we know and love is a thing of the past. >> america, it's over.